COVID - 19 Health and Safety Steps

Part of my training, as a Licensed Electrologist, has been to establish working habits that create a clean environment. I am required to do so by CA Health Code, and always followed the requirements:
  • clean all surfaces and equipment with an anti-viral wipe, including entry gate handle between clients

  • change clean sheets with each client

  • maintain sterile versus "soiled" areas

  • wash my hands after touching soiled items

  • sterilize all metal tools

  • sanitize all non-metal tools and product containers

Since Covid-19, I now:
  • sanitize all linens
  • provide hand sanitizer in all public areas

  • wear face mask when working

  • check client temperature at beginning of appointment

  • clean all public contact surfaces (entry doorhandles / bathroom surfaces) with an anti-viral wipe
Safety steps required of clients:
  • please come alone

  • wear a mask when arriving and leaving (I reserve the right to refuse service if client is not wearing a mask)

  • 15 minute grace period between clients to avoid overlap (30 minutes for electrolysis clients)

  • use of separate entry and exit - please enjoy any of the three seating areas in the garden if another client is in the waiting room

  • payment is process with Square, Venmo or Cash app. Cash or check is also accepted. Thank you.

  • espresso bar is no longer available. Bottled water is available upon request


It is my hope that you will always feel safe at my studio. Your comfort is of  utmost importance to me and I welcome any advice you have to create such an environment for you.

Visiting Fresh Face Skin Studio is a personal choice. Covid-19 has changed our daily lives and I do my best to ensure you have limited contact when getting a service.

Please consider the 24 hour cancellation policy when booking and confirming an appointment. Discuss your plans to visit Fresh Face Skin Studio with family members, friends, etc. well before your appointment to avoid a 24 hour cancellation fee. I understand this is a time when we all have health and safety concerns. However the 24 hour cancellation policy is still in effect.


Thank you so much for your support.